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Unexpected, eclectic, and filled with creativity, character, and soul, a Ksar Living project simultaneously tells the story of a space, its owners, and the global creators behind each piece of decor, art, or furniture. 

Design, decoration, and styling are fused seamlessly for a result that feels homely yet high-end, edgy yet elegant, and laidback yet luxurious. We call it holiday architecture; designing a lifestyle you’ll never need to take a break from is our goal.

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Alberto Cortes
Alberto Cortes



A Barcelona-born individual raised in Amsterdam, has dedicated his life to the pursuit of quality and style. With eleven years spent in India and a current lifestyle that involves dividing his time between Ibiza, Menorca, Marrakech, Barcelona, and Indonesia, Alberto embodies a multicultural and eclectic essence. His contemporary nomadic lifestyle is complemented by a fervent passion for storytelling, evident in the fabric of his work.

Alberto Cortes

CEO | Creative Mind

Alberto’s life is an ongoing adventure, characterized by direct access to the world’s finest craftsmen and a wealth of beautiful, rare, and unique materials. Three decades into this transformative journey, his unwavering attention to detail and forward-thinking vision ensure that Ksar Living remains at the forefront of the industry.

Initially establishing himself in the fashion industry with the creation of his first womenswear collection, Zon, Alberto’s keen eye for beauty and aesthetics evolved when he crossed paths with designer Yvonne Hulst. This meeting led to a shift in focus towards interiors, laying the foundation for Ksar Living. Together, Alberto and Yvonne embarked on a global journey, immersing themselves in diverse cultures, interacting with locals, and connecting with artisans. What started as a hobby blossomed into a lifelong passion, filled with travel, creativity, people, and continual discoveries.



Born in Haarlem, raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Cynthia always had a passion for Fashion and Interior design, she studied Fashion and Design, for which she was graduated. Worked in Amsterdam for many years with high End fashion brands and lived together with an inspiring Hospitality designer.



Cynthia van Oijen


13 years ago, she made the decision to move to Ibiza, to live a more relax life and escape the city vibes. But her passion for interior never stopped, 6 years ago she had enough rest and started to work on some projects again. During that time she was asked by Alberto Cortes to come and work with Ksar Living on their projects. And here we are, many projects later and still a strong force at Ksar Living.

Her style is a mix of high design brands and vintage jewels, she made it possible to translate a creative process into an elegant experience and likes to create something unique for every client.

Can curt project that Ksarliving design on ibiza


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