About KSAR Living

About Us

So much more than an interior design studio, KsaR Living has become a way of life for its clients and customers over the past 20 years. Founded by creative visionary Alberto Cortes – a design fan who lives and breathes his passion for style – the company is known for its high-end furniture and decor, bespoke collections, interior and exterior styling, comprehensive villa set-up service and project management collaborations.

Working alongside a community of architects, interior designers, constructors and direct clients seeking style solutions that are completely unique, the KsaR Living team are based in three very special locations across the south of Spain: the flagship Ibiza Showroom, the private Barcelona Gallery or the ultra-exclusive Casa Atelier Menorca (by appointment only). Here, you can get a glimpse into the nomadic world of KsaR Living and enlist our team of interior experts to bring your design dreams to life.

Unexpected, eclectic and filled with creativity, character and soul, a KsaR Living project simultaneously tells the story of a space, its owners, and the global creators behind each piece of decor, art or furniture. Design, decoration and styling are fused in such a way that the result feels homely yet high-end, edgy yet elegant, and laidback yet luxurious. We call it holiday architecture; designing a lifestyle you’ll never need to take a break from is our goal.


Alberto Cortes is a man who has spent his life in the pursuit of quality and style. Born in Barcelona and brought up in Amsterdam, Alberto spent eleven years in India and now divides his time between Ibiza, Menorca, Marrakech, Barcelona and Indonesia. Multicultural and eclectic, he is a contemporary nomad with a passion for storytelling – a characteristic that shines through in his work.

He began his career in the fashion industry, honing his eye for beauty and aesthetics through his first womenswear collection, Zon. When he met designer Yvonne Hulst, Alberto shifted his focus to interiors. Together, they travelled the world, observing, learning and cultivating the foundations of what would become KsaR Living. They would interact, meet and talk with locals and artisans wherever they went, immersing themselves in countless cultures.

What started as a hobby, has grown into a passion. His life is filled with travel, creativity, people and never-ending discoveries. Alberto boasts direct access to the world’s finest craftsmen, in addition to the most beautiful, rare and unique materials today and his detail-oriented vision for KsaR Living remains unwavering. More than 30 years after he embarked on this journey, Alberto remains at the forefront of his field – always moving forward.