About KSAR Living

About Us

Ksar Living is an interior design company based in Ibiza, Menorca and Barcelona, specializing in the the curation, outsourcing and selling of high end design, and set-up of holiday architecture globally.

The core of Ksar Living is Alberto Cortes, who has dedicated more than half of his life to interior design. His trained eye and his experience drive him to find the best items, creating a unique, curated selection. This singular collection of furniture and accessories merges creative style elements from all around the world. It is not about the objects themselves, but the whole process of craftsmanship and the fragments of lives which reside in each piece that have fascinated Alberto more and more over the years.

Ksar Living presents itself as an open hotspot for collaboration, that invites architects, designers, builders and any interior design passionate to become an active part of our community. Our showrooms are also wonderful spaces to exhibit other artists and friends work. We think of them as dynamic galleries, filled with the finest artifacts and never-ending creativity.


Multiculturality and eclecticism are two key concepts to understand Alberto. He was born in Barcelona, brought up in Amsterdam, he spent eleven years in India and, nowadays, he lives between Ibiza, Menorca, Marrakesh, Barcelona and Indonesia.

As a contemporary nomad, his life is full of travels, new creative and visual inputs and constant flows of people and discoveries. The craving to understand new cultures has brought Alberto to explore remote places in which he has had the opportunity to immerse himself and interpret different symbolisms, materials and textures. Ksar Living collection exists in this eclectic, yet intended, compendium of aesthetics.

He started his career in fashion, pursuing beauty, aesthetics and style, and he released a first womenswear collection, Zon. His fashion background has given him the detail oriented sight and his love for fabrics, now very present in Ksar Living Collection.

When he met the designer Yvonne Hulst, Alberto shifted to interior design. Together, both designers kept traveling the world, observing, learning and setting the base for what now has become Ksar Living. Beyond just watching, they loved to interact, meet and talk with locals and artisans. Exchange and live. What started as a hobby, has grown to become a passion.