Balisimo Restaurant

As part of The Purist Villas collaboration with Joost Van Grieken and Yvonne Hulst, KsaR Living developed and designed the resort’s in-house eatery, Balisimo Restaurant. The spacious and luxurious restaurant space is a new build, fusing contemporary architecture and style with traditional Balinese elements such as the arem roof, bamboo furnishings and stone walls.

This communal space is the heart that brings the entire project together, overlooking a stunning tiled swimming pool that is the centrepiece of the design. By day, the open-air hut is filled with beautiful natural light and fresh air, maximising its jungle-esque views and by night, the pool remains a central focus thanks to clever lighting and the space is beautifully illuminated to create an ambience of romance and style beneath the stars.

Set on a tiered platform, the design of Balisimo Restaurant allows all diners to have a front row view of the tropical surrounds, whether they are seated in the shaded hut, on the terrace above the swimming pool or on the deck below. The laidback interior design encourages guests to take their time and relax, and evokes a timeless holiday feeling from day to night.