We are passionate about exceptional interior design and architecture. Our team have been committed to creating residential and hospitality projects that reflect our extensive experience since KsaR Living was founded in 2003. Designing and decorating individual spaces is what makes us tick and we offer a professional project management service to keep our international clients in the loop at all times.

The vast majority of our projects are based around the concept of holiday architecture, the signature KsaR Living style conceived by our founder and creative director Alberto Cortes. High-end villas, boutique hotels, resorts and restaurants are our forte – we design places and space that make you feel at home while surrounded by art and tradition, fused with modernity and luxury.

Interior design is not simply a job or a process to us; rather, it’s a feeling. Combining decades of experience with a maestro’s intuition and unrivalled work ethic, we align ourselves with your aesthetic vision and work with texture, colour, culture and designers to customise a feeling of laidback luxury with heart and soul. We may be global nomads, but we understand there’s no place like home.