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As part of The Purist Villas project, Ksar Living, Joost Van Grieken, and Yvonne Hulst crafted Balisimo Restaurant – a vibrant dining heaven within the resort. This new build effortlessly merges modern architecture with traditional Balinese touches, including an arem roof, bamboo furnishings, and stone walls.

This open-air space overlooks a magnificent tiled pool, the heart of the design. Sunlight and fresh air flood the dining area, offering stunning jungle views. Clever lighting transforms the space at night, creating a romantic ambience beneath the stars.

Balisimo’s tiered design ensures every guest enjoys breathtaking tropical views, whether seated in the shaded hut, poolside terrace, or lower deck. The inviting interior encourages leisurely dining, fostering a timeless holiday ambiance from day to night.

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