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Let us enchant you with The Giri Café Ibiza, a dining gem nestled in Ibiza’s charming San Juan village. Designed by Ksar Living and Yvonne HulstThe Giri Café perfectly complements its sister boutique hotel, The Giri Residence, while inviting the local community to savor its delights.

The 300-year-old townhouse hides a secret: a lush garden paradise awaits beyond the rustic doors. Wander through the stylish bar and intimate dining spaces before revealing the breathtaking main dining areas, echoing the hotel’s cool palette, exotic-meets-rustic aesthetic, and relaxed vibe.

The spacious garden terrace steals the show. Its understated elegance against a rural backdrop adds to its allure, making The Giri Café one of Ibiza’s most sought-after destinations.

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