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Showroom Ibiza

Showroom Ibiza

Our flagship showroom is situated in a prime position on the Carretera de San Juan in the north of Ibiza. We invite clients to spend time perusing the spacious showroom filled with furniture, fabric, lighting, flooring, tiles, high-end materials, art, accessories and one-of-a-kind designs, in addition to many hand-picked designer, antique and artisan pieces.

The signature KsaR Living collections are also showcased in the spacious showroom. This exclusive range is designed by founder and director Alberto Cortes and reflects the aesthetic and ethos of our brand. Timeless, luxurious and filled with soul, these exceptional pieces are made from beautiful, rare and unique materials by some of the world’s finest craftsmen.

The KsaR Living showroom is constantly evolving, as we regularly add exciting new pieces, one-off finds and accessories to the collections onsite. Feel free to visit our showroom in which our experienced team are always on-hand to give advice on interior design, styling, product selection and much more.

Our creative team are always available to give you additional information or advice.

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00hr
Saturday & Sunday: Closed