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Small but stylish, Sardina Loca brings a touch of whimsy to the Cala Carbo coast. A collaboration between Ksar Living and Yvonne Hulst, this quaint café pays homage to local fishing heritage while catering to today’s travelers, digital nomads, and families. Every detail is uniquely crafted.

Sardina Loca’s standout feature lies in its captivating tiles. Inspired by the vibrant Mediterranean, the hand-painted tiles depict fish, waves, and intricate patterns. Their mismatched arrangement evokes a sense of timeless nostalgia. Reclaimed wood fashioned into fish adorns the outdoor terrace, completing the seaside theme.

Modern lighting and a chic pebbled bar counterbalance the rustic ambiance. Outdoors, woven lamps, wooden tables, and a palapa roof create the perfect setting for relaxed seaside dining.

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